Shropshire Council

Room booking terms and conditions

Session times

Bookings can be made for full and part days

  • Full day bookings are 9am - 5pm
  • Morning booking are 9am - 12:30pm
  • Afternoon bookings are 1pm - 5pm
  • Evening bookings are 6pm - 10pm

Non-standard part-day bookings will normally be charged as full days.

Room information

Room capacities will depend on the layout required and equipment in use.

  • The Mary Margaret and Mulberry rooms have a maximum capacity of 120 set out in theatre style
  • The smaller rooms have varying capacity from two to 30, again depending on how the room is set up

For further information, give us a call.

Booking procedures

Provisional bookings are accepted without obligation, subject to availability, provided they're more than two weeks in advance. Provisional bookings are held until the client confirms a booking, another enquiry is received for the same resource, or the notice period becomes less than two weeks. In the event of another enquiry, the provisional booking will be held for one business day to allow the initial client to confirm their booking. Bookings giving less than two weeks notice require immediate confirmation. 


An invoice will be issued after the event has taken place for full payment within 20 days of receipt.

Lunch and refreshments

  • Only lunch and refreshments ordered and supplied through the Gateway Coffee Shop may be consumed on our premises
  • Refreshments are available for evening bookings with prior agreement
  • At least 24 hours notice must be given to cancel food and drinks orders
  • If you've booked refreshments for your meeting, please confirm your order with the coffee shop on arrival

Cancellation charges

  • 25% of room charge if more than two weeks' notice is given
  • 100% of charge if less than 14 days notice is given

Other information

  • Public liability insurance is required for use of this centre. If your group/organisation doesn't have public liability insurance, an additional charge of 12% will be made to cover this
  • Please note that any portable equipment brought into The Gateway must be tested for safety and have a current safety label. Staff reserve the right to refuse the use of any electrical equipment that hasn't been recently tested
  • All Shropshire Council bookings are charged at community/charity rates.