Shropshire Council

Ceasing to maintain an EHCP

Following the annual review process, the Local Authority may make the decision to ‘cease to maintain’ an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This means that the EHCP will come to an end and the Local Authority will no longer have a legal duty to ensure the provision specified in the plan is received.

Preparing for an Education, Health and Care plan coming to an end can be an uncertain time for children, families and young people and it’s important that the transition is well planned.

Children and young people may no longer require the provision set out within an EHCP; because:-

  • A young person is prepared for/or intends to move into employment.
  • A young person aged 18 or over no longer wishes to continue or engage within formal education.
  • A young person has completed their time in further education and is transitioning into higher education.
  • The EHCP outcomes have been met and the school or college can meet their needs without additional provision being made in accordance with an EHCP.
  • A Young Person is moving into full adult health or social care support services, accessing universal services.
  • Once a young person reaches the end of the academic year in which they turn 25 years, EHCP’s do not apply.

Where the Local Authority is considering ceasing an EHCP following an annual review they will consider the achievements made regarding the EHCP.

Once young people leave education they may move directly into employment/volunteering or register with the Job Centre. It may be appropriate for some young people to be supported fully through adult health/social care services and access adult opportunities. 

If a young person or a parent does not agree with the Local Authorities decision to cease to maintain the EHCP, they will have rights of appeal.