Shropshire Council

Specialist schools and provision

We're committed to supporting young people by reviewing and developing provision to meet the changing needs of the population, in conjunction with partner agencies.   

There are a range of specialist provisions in Shropshire; the list below includes academies, schools and pupil referral units maintained by us:

Severndale Specialist Academy

Monkmoor Campus, Shrewsbury

Age 3 - 19

Catering for a broad range of SEN, including; severe, complex and profound learning disabilities

Severndale@Mary Webb

Age 11 -16

For children whose primary need is moderate or mild learning disabilities

‘Futures’ Centre @ Shrewsbury College

Age 16 - 19


Woodlands School

Woodlands School

Age 11 - 16

For children whose primary need is Social, Emotional and/or Mental Health 

Acorns (North - Oswestry)

Age 7 - 11

For primary children with a primary need of SEMH

Acorns (South – Bishops Castle)

Specialist Resourced Provisions – ‘SEN Hubs’

These are small specialist provisions attached to the following mainstream schools

Kettlemere Centre

(Lakelands Academy – Ellesmere)

Age 11 - 16

Primary need in the area of Communication and Interaction

Sir John Talbot (Whitchurch)

Age 11 – 16


Whittington Primary

Age 5 - 11


St Andrews Primary (Nesscliffe)

Age 5 - 11


St Mary’s Bluecoat (Bridgnorth)

Age 5 - 11


Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary

Age 5 - 11


Tuition Medical and Behaviour Support Service (TMBSS)

This service supports Shropshire children aged 5 – 16 who need to be taught out of their mainstream setting for a limited period of time.  There are a number of different settings located across the county.

Specialist Placement Panel 

To access any of the specialist provisions listed above (except TMBSS) your child or young person will require an education health and care plan (EHCP).

It's widely recognised that the majority of children or young people with special educational needs will be best placed within a mainstream setting.  However, for a small number of children and young people they may require something more specialist. To determine which setting would be best suited to meet the identified needs of individual pupils we refer to the Specialist Placement Panel.

This multi-agency panel meets fortnightly (term-time only) to make decisions about the most appropriate provision for a small number of children for whom it's been identified that a mainstream setting is not the most appropriate placement to meet their needs. The terms of reference for this panel outline the representation of the panel, the processes involved, along with pupil profiles for each specialist provision. 

The referral request form will need to be completed either by the current mainstream setting or by the SEN officer if a child has an EHCP and must be fully evidenced.