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Shropshire Parent And Carer Council (PACC)

PACC logoShropshire Parent And Carer Council (PACC) supports and empowers Shropshire parents and carers of children with any special educational need or disability (SEND) aged 0-25, to enable them to be actively involved in the design and delivery of the services that they use. This is done by providing opportunities for parent carers to share their experience and knowledge of what works or doesn’t work in the everyday lives of families with children and young people with SEND.

PACC is a registered charity and has three main aims:

  • The creation of a Shropshire parent carer community that reduces isolation and strengthens the capacity of parents to support their family
  • The provision of information to inform and empower parents and carers about the issues that affect their families
  • The provision of opportunities for parents and carers to influence the decisions that affect their families and to contribute to developing services that meet the needs of their families.

The independence as a parent carer led organisation is important to PACC. It means that their work is firmly rooted in the understanding that they have, based on personal experience, of the real life challenges faced by families of children and young people with SEND. PACC’s work has shown that while parent carers might be supporting children with a range of conditions, many of the challenges faced by all parent carers are similar. Families have informed PACC that they struggle to find useful information, often feel different from other families in their local communities and don’t always feel included in the decisions about the support their family receives.

PACC works with families to improve services and to bring parent carers together to provide support to each other and in partnership with local organisations that commission and deliver services for children and young people with SEND. In doing this PACC aims to ensure that the decisions that impact on the Shropshire parent carer community are informed by real life experience and to give children and young people with SEND and their families, a real chance to live positive lives.

Where can I find out more?

Twitter: @shropspacc