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Children’s continuing care and personal health budgets

Some children and young people may have very complex health needs which may be so complex that they can't be met by the services which are routinely available from GP surgeries, hospitals or community services. These children and young people may need a package of additional health support to meet their needs, and this can be assessed using the National Framework for Children and Young People’s Continuing Care.

Once these children and young people are assessed by the children’s nurse assessor from Shropshire CCG, a multi-disciplinary decision is made on eligibility for children’s continuing care funding. All children and young people who meet the eligibility criteria for additional funding are then offered suitable care to meet their complex health needs – this can be through an agency with suitably trained carers or with funding made available for a personal health budget.

A personal health budget is offered to all children and young people who are eligible for children’s continuing care, and this offers families and carers some flexibility to arrange their own care to suit their individual needs and circumstances – for instance through employing their own personal assistant. Referrals to the Shropshire CCG Complex Care Team to arrange an assessment for children’s continuing care can be made by any healthcare professional or social worker.

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