Shropshire Council

COVID19 vaccinations for young people (post 16) and unpaid carers

02 March 2021 Last updated at 12:46

The role out of the vaccination program in Shropshire is going well. Work is being done to ensure that all young people (16+) and adults eligible for the COVID19 vaccine as part of Cohort 6 have been identified. 

The SEN team have reviewed the Education, Health and Care Plans of Young People (16 - 25) to identify who is eligible for the COVID19 vaccine due to having a Learning Disability. Those identified by SEN team have been shared with GPs, and GPs will invite young people for a vaccine. A letter is being sent to the young people identified by SEN team who weren't already known to the GPs.

The Adult Social Care team is sending a letter to adults known to their service to encourage them to contact their GP to request a vaccination, if they have not already been contacted by their GP. 

Additionally, unpaid carers including parents of clinically vulnerable people are entitled to the COVID19 vaccine. More details on the vaccination for unpaid carers.

The local offer coronavirus resources and support page also has a easy read guide and a short video to help explain the vaccination to children and young people with special educational needs. 

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