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ThinkNinja - updated content for anxiety and stress due to COVID19 (Coronavirus)

01 April 2020 Last updated at 10:41

As a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis ThinkNinja has been updated with specific COVID-19 content. This will bring self-help knowledge and skills to children and young people (10-18 years old) who maybe experiencing increased anxiety and stress during the crisis.

The new COVID-19 content provides an opportunity to understand the following:

  • Fears relating to the virus
  • Isolation struggles and how to stay connected to family and friends
  • Worries about personal health and health of family members
  • Mental strength
  • Coping techniques to use during the crisis
  • Plus many other helpful tips

The new content was created by specialist child psychologists and is available via the WiseNinja chat main menu.

Empowering children and young people to build resilience, manage their emotional health and to fulfil their potential.

What is ThinkNinja?

ThinkNinja is an app specifically designed to educate 10-18 year olds about mental health, emotional wellbeing and to provide skills young people can use to build resilience and stay well.

Watch the video below for an introduction to the ThinkNinja app.

Find out how to access the new ThinkNinja content at the Healios website.