Shropshire Council

Disabled Children's Team

A specialist Disabled Children's Team located in Shrewsbury covers the whole county of Shropshire, excluding the area under the jurisdiction of Telford and Wrekin Council.

The team works with health and education services and other agencies to meet the needs of children with disabilities by organising and providing a range of services.

This information is for parents and carers of children with disabilities who want to know more about the services available in Shropshire. The services outlined are available to children up to 18 years, and to parents and carers of these children.

Who do we help?

We have to use resources for those in greatest need, and this means we can only usually help children with permanent and substantial disabilities, which includes those with:

  • Severe learning disabilities
  • Severe physical disabilities
  • Profound multiple disabilities
  • Severe sensory impairment
  • Complex and severe health problems

We may sometimes be able to help children with less severe disabilities if:

  • A parent has a disability or chronic illness
  • The impact on the family is severe
  • A sibling also has moderate or high disabilities

The sort of help we can provide

We recognise the additional support that families often need because of their child’s disability. As a result we've worked hard to improve and increase our range of provision and will continue to do so.

We can't meet everyone’s needs, but we'll strive to do our best and be open and honest about what we can and can't do.

Some of the services we might be able to provide or organise include:

  • Advice and information
  • Family support
  • Personal care in the child's home
  • Short breaks, such as family-based shared care, residential overnights, outreach, sessional support, childminding
  • Link with other agencies
  • Direct payments for carers of disabled children for children services
  • Direct payments for children with a disability who are 16 - 17 years old

These services can only be provided following an assessment of your child’s needs and those of your family.

Support is also offered with equipment and adaptations at home through the Occupational Therapy Team. Children’s Occupational Therapists assess children and their parents/carers to offer help and support in the home through allocation of equipment and occasionally adaptations.

Please call 0345 678 9044 for more information about equipment and adaptations.

Shropshire Children with Disabilities Register

We're required to maintain the above, which holds information about children with disabilities, and gives service commissioners the access they need to information to plan and deliver effective services.

Being on the register is voluntary, and parent carers can supply information to the register by following our All-in registration process, which we use to determine whether children with disabilities are eligible to access our All-in short breaks. Nearly all of the information on our register comes from that process. 

All information is removed from the register once a young person turns 18.

How to get help

Referrals can be taken from a family member, other professionals (eg physio), a teacher or a social worker if your child has one allocated.

We'll need to know more about your child before we can decide if it's possible to offer you an assessment for services. With your permission we may want to contact other people who know your child. We'll then let you know whether you're eligible for an assessment through the Disabled Children's Team. This is called a social work assessment, and we aim to finish these within 45 working days.

We'll want you, your family and any professionals who know your child well to be involved in this. (These professionals may work in health, education, and any others known to you.


For new referrals and requests for service call 0345 678 9021.

For existing service users wanting to contact their DCT key worker or social worker directly: