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Preparing for transition into adulthood

PFA imageThe following short film aims to give young people with special educational needs and disabilities an overview of information about their options, how they can have their say and how they can prepare for their adult life.

Preparation for post-16 transition from compulsory school education to adult life starts in school from Year 9, to help young people and their families start to explore and prepare for what's needed for a successful transition.

There are various pathways a young person can take, including:

  • Moving directly into employment
  • Continuing into further education to gain the skills and qualifications needed for greater independence, and to achieve your aspirations for paid employment, higher education and independent living
  • Transitioning directly into adult health or adult social care services following completion of your education, where future needs may be best supported by universal services

It's crucial that schools and colleges fully prepare and support young people and their families with the information they need to help them make informed choices about their future. 

For young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan (also known as an EHCP) we, in conjunction with our partners, have developed a ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ plan as part of a young person’s EHCP. For young people with an EHCP each annual review from Year 9 must have the focus on preparing for adulthood.

The transition towards adulthood review from Year 9 will start to gather information regarding the young person's and their family's aspirations for their future, including who needs to be involved, target planning and the support needed. The review will explore provision accessible to students in order for them to be healthy, participating in society, living independently, accessing further education and/or in employment where appropriate.