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Useful information for young people

Who can give me advice about the next steps after school?

Colleges and schools employ key workers to support you and give you advice on any questions you have about the move from school to college, such as getting a job, questions about money, housing, keeping safe, and your health and care.

The Information Advice and Support Service (IASS) (formerly the Parent Partnership Service) can also give you free, confidential advice, information and support on any questions you have.

When should planning for my next steps begin?

For young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan we, in conjunction with our partners, have developed a ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ plan as part of a young person’s EHCP. Each annual review from Year 9 must have the focus on preparing for adulthood.

The transition towards adulthood review from Year 9 will start to gather information regarding the young person's and their family's aspirations for their future, including who needs to be involved, target planning and the support needed. The review will explore provision accessible to students in order for them to be healthy, participating in society, living independently, accessing further education and/or in employment where appropriate.

What are my options?

In preparation for your next steps after school there are lots of different options to choose from:

  • You might want to get a job and begin earning some money
  • You might like to start a supported internship/apprenticeship
  • You might want to do some volunteering
  • You may want to continue learning and get more qualifications by going into further education to achieve your aspirations for paid employment, higher education and independent living
  • It might also be that after you've finished at school you move directly into adult health or adult social care services where you'll be able to get the support you need to live your life as independently as possible.  

Where can I continue studying?

  • Sixth form colleges
  • Training providers
  • 16-19 academies
  • Further educational colleges
  • School sixth form schools
  • Specialist sixth form schools
  • Specialist colleges

What study options are available to me?

If you decide you'd like to go into further education, there are lots of study options to choose from, including:

What support will I get if I continue to study?

If you decide to go into further education you should have a study programme that helps you to achieve your educational goals as you move into adult life.

Study programmes are designed not for you to repeat learning you've already done, but instead to build on your learning and help you progress in your studies. Study programmes can include a focus on real work experience in preparing you for a job, living on your own, being healthy and being part of your community. Our 'Options after school' page gives more information.

Where can I find out if I'm entitled to any benefits?

Find out more about the about the support that you may be entitled to on our Financial Support pages. You can also find out about benefits available to you at the Gov.UK website.

Moving onto higher education if you have an EHC plan

If you decide to move on to higher education, you should consider whether you need to apply for a disabled students allowance at least six months before the term in which you start your placement there.

We'll pass the EHC plan to your higher educational provider should you request it.

What if I am not currently in education?

If you are not currently in education you can get help advice from Shropshire Youth’s Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG).

Where can I get financial advice?

You may be eligible for financial support. Find out about the financial support and advice that is available to you in Shropshire in our financial support section.

What if I need support with my mental health?

We have a dedicated mental and emotional health and wellbeing service for children and young people in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin.