Shropshire Council

The Participation Fund

Aims and purpose

  1. Support participation and inclusion into universal groups and activities
  2. Ensure equitable access to short break activities appropriate to a child’s age and disability
  3. Remove barriers that may prevent a disabled child or young person from participating in a short break activity in the community
  4. Support training to upskill providers so that their activities can be more inclusive and appropriate to children and young people with a disability

Examples of how the fund can be used

  • Purchase of specialist equipment within clubs, groups or in the community
  • Pay for additional hours of existing support workers/teachers
  • Training of staff or volunteers to gain appropriate qualifications
  • To contribute towards the cost of attending an activity 

Who can apply?

A short application form needs to be completed so we can understand the reason for the request and how this funding will benefit the club/group or individual.

We'll accept applications from:

  • Parent/carers of a child/young person aged up to 18 who has a disability and is a registered member of ‘All In’. Applications also need to be supported by a professional who the child/young person is known to
  • A professional who works with a disabled child/young person (with the family's permission) who is aged up to 18 and a registered member of ‘All In’
  • Clubs or groups that are providing opportunities (or wish to do so) for disabled children/young people aged up to 18 who live in the Shropshire Council area.

How to apply

Copies of the applications for individual children or young people, and applications on behalf of a group or club are attached to this page along with some guidelines.

Alternatively, if you'd like to be sent an application form or require further information please call 0345 678 9021.