Shropshire Council


If an application for travel assistance is not approved, or you don't think the assistance offered is appropriate, you do have the right to appeal.

Appeals should be made in writing and should set out the exact nature and grounds of the appeal.

Please note that during the appeal stages travel assistance will not be provided, nor will a change to existing travel assistance be made.

Stage 1 - Officer Review

A senior officer from the Specialist Travel Team will review the original decision, including any information provided by the parent/carer in their written appeal.

Within twenty working days, on receipt of the written appeal a detailed written notification of the outcome will be sent to the parent/carer. This will include information on how to escalate the case to stage 2 (if appropriate). 

Stage 2 - Transport Appeals panel

A parent/carer has twenty working days from receipt of the local authority’s stage one written decision notification to make a written request to escalate the matter to stage two.

Within forty working days of receipt of the parent/carer's request an independent appeal panel will consider written and verbal representations from both the parent/carer and any other supporting information as well as officers involved in the case and will give a detailed written notification of the outcome (5 working days after the panel has met). Parents/carers will have the opportunity to join a formal appeal panel if they wish, this will normally be done online via Microsoft Teams or Skype.