Shropshire Council


The Shropshire Plan

The Shropshire Plan is the overarching strategic plan for the council, providing a single point where the key components that set our direction of travel for the coming years can be found and accessed. It's made up of four key sections: the strategic plan, the associated delivery plans, the council’s performance management framework (PMF), and the financial strategy:

Strategic plan

The strategic plan is the keystone document for the council that sits at the top of the golden thread. It includes our vision: 'Shropshire living the best life', it’s mission, strategic priorities and strategic objectives. It also provides an overview of Shropshire as a place now, what it's expected to look like in 2025 when the current plan comes to an end, a view of climate change actions, achievements, and a summary view of living with Covid over the past two years and into the future.

Delivery plans

These directly link into the strategic plan, setting out the actions and key deliverable that will be taken over the coming years that will help the council and communities achieve the strategic priorities and strategic objectives. Together with the strategic plan the delivery plans form our corporate plan, providing the metrics and mechanisms that will enable us to track and evidence progress and the delivery milestones, and demonstrate impact using key performance indicators and their targets, which set out the expected direction of travel. 

Links to these plans will follow shortly.

Performance management framework

Organisational performance management helps us to ensure that we achieve what we plan to deliver. Shropshire’s Performance Management Framework (PMF) sets out how we'll plan, do (implement), review and revise our actions and activities to ensure that the vision, priorities and strategic objectives are kept in focus and delivered. It strongly links to the delivery plans to set out how progress will be measured and demonstrated, and outlines the governance that wraps around it.

Financial strategy

The medium-term financial strategy (MTFS) spans a rolling period of five years, being formally agreed by full council at its meeting in February each year, in readiness for the strategy to run from April of that year. The allocation of resources through the strategy is guided by our priorities and strategic objectives, assessment of risk, changes to the way services are delivered, and the understanding of services that the council must provide. This relationship runs across the different elements of the Shropshire Plan, with the strategic plan setting out the direction and the delivery plans setting out how this will be done, the MTFS providing the budget and financial plans to do this, and the PMF framing how progress and impact will be understood and demonstrated.

Version options

We've created several options of the plan so that you can refer to the one that best suits you. They are as follows:

  • The interactive version allows you to click and travel through the strategic plan following the links to the different pages and sections
  • The accessible tagged version allows you to scroll through the whole plan document and works with assistive technology such as screen readers
  • The print friendly version is text only and has no pictures or other design work to minimise the number of pages that need to be printed

You also, of course, have the option of browsing these webpages, which offer a summary of the Shropshire Plan's main aims and objectives.