Shropshire Council

Requests for new pedestrian crossings

General design criteria

Any request for the installation of a new pedestrian crossing within Shropshire must meet the design requirements of:

However it should be noted that 1.5 of TA 68/96, shall be modified to read as follows:

"In Shropshire the use of LTN 1/95 and LTN 2/95 is modified by this advice note. However in Shropshire their use is modified by Chapter 2 of this advice note, as the degree of conflict between pedestrians and vehicles retains PV2 as a design criterion."

How to submit a request

If you feel that your request for a new pedestrian crossing meets the requirements of the documents detailed on this page, and in particular the PV2 requirements of Chapter 2 of TA 68/96, then please email us, including the words “Pedestrian Crossing Request” in the subject bar.

The majority of new installations are either installed as a result of planning agreements with developers delivering Local Transport Plan objectives or because of a specific need identified by us. Our specialist teams check proposals for new installations or significant alterations to existing installations. Detailed checking of plans, specifications and controller configurations are carried out prior to the installation being switched on.

We have strict guidelines for the design and installation of traffic signals in Shropshire. If you'd like a copy of this, please email us.