Shropshire Council

Report a traffic signals fault

Faults do occur from time to time, and can range from individual lamps not working to all the lights being out, damage from road traffic accidents and vandalism. Fault/damage reports help us keep Shropshire moving safely.

Report a faulty traffic signal »

Inappropriate ‘green time’ faults (eg green times too short) are more difficult to rectify as they may be due to congestion and not an equipment failure. In this type of case we'll carry out a check to discover what the problem is.

Please note: problems with temporary traffic lights (for example where there are roadworks in progress) should be reported using the emergency contact details supplied at the site (usually on the generator for the traffic lights).

Fault repairs

Repairs are currently undertaken by Imtech UK, and all repairs to traffic signals are classified as either urgent or non-urgent, depending on their impact on safety or the efficient operation of the installation.

Urgent faults are investigated within two contract hours, non-urgent faults within six hours.

Find out more about fault categorisation.