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Levy-paying employers

How could this benefit your business?

Upskill Shropshire’s aim is to enable your organisation to access high quality apprenticeships, and to provide your staff with the opportunities to demonstrate competencies relevant to their role, right up to masters degree level.

We offer two levels of service:

Framework access

Joining our framework gives you access to our procured providers, who offer hundreds of apprenticeships across all sectors. The framework gives you the flexibility to work directly with the training providers, to find apprenticeships to best meet your needs, and to take away the burden of undertaking your own lengthy procurement process.  

Matching service

In addition to the above, our matching service sees us talk directly to the training providers on your behalf, having gained an in-depth understanding from you of your training and business needs, to ensure that any skills gap you've identified can be filled quickly and comprehensively. By undertaking the tender process for you, we'll maximise your value for money while addressing your needs.


The employer would need to contract directly with the provider, and to arrange for the delivery of funds to be paid as appropriate. The ongoing management of the relationship between the apprentice and provider would be managed by the employer. If there are issues with the provider relating to delivery, Upskill Shropshire would engage directly with the provider to seek resolution