Shropshire Council

What we do


We'll provide an appropriate response when:

  • There's a serious concern for the welfare of a child
  • There's a request or an apparent need for a child to be accommodated by the local authority
  • An AMHP assessment is required in respect of a compulsory admission to psychiatric hospital or assessment as a result of a S136 ‘arrest’
  • A vulnerable adult is subject to unacceptable risk that can only be reduced by the emergency provision of a service normally provided or arranged by the department
  • No other 'appropriate adult' can be found for the purpose of a Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) interview
  • Any other crises that, in the opinion of the social worker on duty, warrants a response from the team

What we do - children

  • Child protection
  • Safe and well checks
  • Unaccompanied children
  • Missing children
  • Safeguarding referrals
  • LADO referrals
  • Work with parents, breakdown in relationships
  • PACE beds

What we do - adults

  • Mental Health Act 1983 as amended 2007 – assessments, admissions
  • Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Safeguarding referrals – assessments, interventions, placements.
  • Appropriate adults
  • Information and signposting
  • Role in meeting care and welfare needs – increasing/providing care packages and hospital admission avoidance

The role of the Emergency Social Work Team (ESWT) worker

  • Manage a crisis until the next working day
  • Review all available information
  • Discuss with colleagues the concerns, issues, presenting needs
  • Identify the risks NOW and BEFORE
  • Identify the increased/reduced risks if no action is taken
  • Consider the wider picture
  • Intervene

How we help

  • Telephone discussion
  • Where an open case – information will be passed to the allocated worker and team
  • Referrals to daytime services for next working day response
  • Immediate referral to alternative services eg housing, CRHT, women's aid
  • A visit/assessment eg home, police, hospital

Operating hours

  • Monday - Thursday 4:45pm - 8:45pm
  • Friday 3:45pm - 9:30am Saturday morning
  • Saturday 9am - 9am on Sunday morning
  • Sunday 9am - 8:45am Monday morning

We also cover bank holidays.

Cross-border protocol

Our cross-border protocol agreement with Telford and Wrekin Council ensures that if a Telford resident is in need of ESWT/social services input in Shropshire, then Telford's Emergency Duty Team (EDT) will provide the intervention and vice versa, ie if a Shropshire resident is within the Telford and Wrekin local authority area it's Shropshire ESWT’s responsibility to provide a response.