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National offer days 

  • Infant, primary, junior school applications: 16 April*
  • Secondary school applications: 1 March*

*if the above dates fall on the weekend, then the actual offer day moves to the next working day.

Please note that we are not able to reset emails or passwords. However, you will still receive an email if you requested to receive one at the time you made your allocation. You will also receive a letter advising you of your child’s allocation. 

Letters advising all Shropshire applicants which school their child has been allocated, will be posted from our office by second class post on the national offer day, or the next working day if this falls at the weekend. The letter will explain what your options are if you're not happy with the school offered, and how to accept/decline the place offered.

How to accept the offer of the school place

If the school is in the Shropshire Council local authority area you don’t need to do anything, we assume that you're accepting the place unless you tell us differently. The allocated school will contact you with further information.

If the school offered is in another local authority please contact them as soon as possible, because you might have to accept the offer of a place with the other authority.

To change the school preference or decline an offer

If you have changed your school preferences, or if you've made alternative arrangements and do not want to accept the place at the offered school, please complete and return the amendment form.

If you were not offered your preferred school(s)

If you did not receive an offer of a place at your preferred Shropshire school(s) this is because the school(s) had more applications than there were places available and you did not rank sufficiently high in terms of over subscription criteria to be eligible for a place.Please refer to the documents on this web page for advice on the review process, waiting list and appeals. You can see view how the school places were allocated on national offer day by following the link under related documents.

If your preferred school(s) is in another local authority please contact them for their advice on what you should do next.