Shropshire Council


Whether you're looking to carry out building work yourself or are interested in work taking place in your local area, the following pages should provide you with all the information you need. 

Viewing applications

You can view and comment on current planning applications and view details of historic decisions using our online planning register

Before you apply

Firstly, you will need to establish whether the works you intend to carry out require permission. This information is provided by the Planning Portal on their 'Do I need planning permission?' page.

If you're satisfied that your proposed works need permission, you can obtain advice from us prior to submitting your application. Find out more on our 'Pre-application advice' page.

The application process

Information on how to submit an application is available on our 'Submitting an application' page.

For applications due to be determined by one of our planning committees, information on the process can be found on the 'Planning committees' page.


If you've had an application refused, information on how to appeal this decision can be found on the 'Appeals' page. You can also track the status of appeals you may be interested in.