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The Shropshire Historic Environment Record (HER, also known as the Shropshire Sites and Monuments Record or SMR) is a continuously expanding resource maintained by us, covering all aspects of the historic environment. It includes not only archaeological sites, finds and features, but also historic buildings, structures and landscapes. It covers the whole of the historic county of Shropshire, including Telford and Wrekin.

The HER is based around a relational database linked to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping. It holds core data such as location, type, period or date for each 'monument', 'event' or 'designation' record.

Additionally it indexes available 'sources' (documents, books, articles etc) held by the HER and by other organisations. It also holds extensive supporting collections of ground and air photographs, survey reports and plans, and a growing library of unpublished, 'grey literature' reports, mainly generated by the planning process.

Many of the historical documents referred to in the HER are held at Shropshire Archives, the county's record office.


How to access the Historic Environment Record


By viewing the HER, you have the most direct access to assistance and resources. The HER is based in our offices at Shirehall, Shrewsbury. Please make an appointment in advance, as there's limited space and staffing.

By phone, post or email

If you can't visit in person, you can ask us to search the system on your behalf. You can contact us by phone, post or email. We can then send you the results of the search as hard copy or in electronic format.

When you make an enquiry, you'll usually need to say 'where, what and why' with respect to your enquiry.

  • what location or area are you interested in (national grid references are a great help)?
  • what type or type(s) of information are you interested in?
  • why do you want the information?

Knowing why will help HER staff pitch their response to your specific needs, and also helps to protect the county's archaeology and historic buildings.

Please always include a phone number or email address in case anything needs to be clarified.

Over the internet

The HER is one of the partners in a website called Discovering Shropshire's History (DSH), alongside Shropshire Archives, the Museums Service and a range of local history groups.

The HER records on DSH can be searched by both the simple search box at the top of the homepage, and a much more sophisticated advanced search. The advanced search also includes a map search facility, allowing the user to browse the records represented as points or polygons on a map base. From late 2013 it became possible to enhance the records with images, and this is gradually being done by volunteers. 

In April 2009, the HER also made available copies of its 'monument' records to the Heritage Gateway website. This site offers a good range of search tools, allowing the Shropshire HER records to be queried in isolation or in conjunction with other local and national records.

Commercial HER searches

Please note: our commercial search enquiry service is under review, and we will be updating our policy with effect from 1st April 2018. A draft version of this policy is available here.

We charge £85 (excluding VAT) for the first hour or part thereof for a proxy search, and £85 (excluding VAT) for any subsequent hour*, although most searches don't require this. 

For that you get pdf files containing both the monument records and the event records that fall within your search area. 

If you'd like to have the GIS (Arc GIS shapefiles) that go with these records there's no extra charge, but we do require you to sign a customised data sharing agreement that covers your use of the GIS data.

The GIS data can also include the Historic Landscape Character Assessment data (which is only comprehensible in GIS format), if requested. 

Alternatively, you can arrange to come in to the HER to carry out your search. We don't charge for this as long as it doesn't tie up large amounts of staff time. This has the added advantage of being able to follow up on the reports and other sources to which the HER records are an index.

To request an HER Search, please email us (, including a clear definition of your search area.