Shropshire Council


ERP is our enterprise resource planning system, allowing council staff, schools and council partner organisations to process HR, payroll and finance transactions, and to enquire on an employee’s personal records.

Please note that the ERP is not a system the general public can use.

Accessing the ERP

First, you will need to log into the ERP website

To log in, your username will be your registered email address and your password will be your national insurance number with your year of birth eg LLNNNNNNLYYYY

Please see ‘Logging into ERP’ under the guidance and support documents.

Useful contacts

For any queries related to logging into the ERP please contact IT confirming your username, email address you're logging on with and any other information about how you can't log into the system, including any error message

User guides and supporting documents

Guidance videos


Leap into Learning

There are courses for:

If you don't have a login for Leap into Learning please email

ERP Support Virtual Drop In Clinics on MS Teams

For targeted questions and assistance on using the ERP, there are fortnightly virtual drop in clinics on MS Teams.

The next dates and links for these are as follows: