Shropshire Council

Step 1: can you maximise your income?

1. First things to check

2. Check to make sure you’re not one of up to 7m people in the UK missing out on income-related state benefits

3. If you’re over state pension age check whether you’re eligible for pension credit

  • Around a third of eligible pensioners are missing out
  • Find out if you’re eligible using the pension credit calculator
  • Call (0800 99 1234)
  • Pension credit can provide access to help with housing costs, council tax, heating bills and free TV licences
  • You may also be eligible for attendance allowance

4. If you're a parent check to see if you can get additional help with costs

5. If you're struggling with housing costs check if you can get help

6. Check whether you're eligible for council tax support

7. Check whether you or your family may be entitled to benefits for those experiencing illness or disability

8. If you're a carer, you may be entitled to carer’s allowance and/or an extra amount called the ‘carer element’ within universal credit