Shropshire Council

Fees and applications

Please note that this service is under review. Applications for the following services are not currently being taken:

  • Disabled parking bays
  • H-bars/keep clears
  • Highway mirrors
  • Tourism signing

This website will be updated once these services resume.

We have powers to make temporary or permanent alterations to Shropshire’s roads. While some of these alterations are required for statutory reasons, others are at our discretion.

In the discretionary category, traffic management alterations to the roads are managed by our local traffic teams. They have the powers to place permanent restrictions or information on the roads. These can include, for example, 'H bar' markings across your driveway to reduce obstruction and maintain access, double yellow lines to prevent parking, tourist information signs for businesses and automatic traffic counters for investigatory purposes.

In line with many other highways authorities, we now charge for these discretionary services. However, there's no charge for non-profit making organisations.

Rather than calculating the cost for each application, we've tried to simplify the process for you by averaging costs across the various types of work. Please refer to the standard charges section on this page which gives details of charges applicable.

If you are applying for a tourism sign, please ensure you read the tourism signs policy before applying.

How to find out more or to apply

If you'd like to request a traffic management alteration or service, please download and complete the relevant application form attached to this page. For further information contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 678 9006 or email

The application forms contain more detailed information, which will provide you with answers to many frequently asked questions. If you then require more information, the Customer Service Centre can arrange for the local traffic team to contact you.

Whilst our local traffic team will be happy to give general advice over the phone, a non-refundable fee of £75 is charged for detailed formal consideration of requests for traffic management alterations (this is included within the overall fees given on this page), and payment of this fee doesn't guarantee a successful application.

Our local traffic team will give detailed consideration to all applications to assess whether the measure provides a suitable and legal solution to the problem before deciding on the appropriate solution.

The £75 application fee will not be charged for traffic, accident and speed data. This information will be provided simply on payment of the fee given on this page.

Please see the attached document “How to Pay” which lists the methods by which you can make your payment.”

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

We’ll let you know if your application has been unsuccessful, and the reasons behind our decision.

What happens if my application is successful?

If your application is successful, we’ll send you a formal letter of approval with an approximate date for implementation, conditional upon payment of the relevant fee balance.

Please note: if approval is given, we reserve the right to remove or alter the introduced measure if we consider it necessary or prudent for a future road improvement. If this is required within two years, you'll have your fee returned.

Standard charges

  • 'H bar' markings (in certain situations a worded "Keep Clear" marking may be considered) £345
  • Double 'H bar' markings £345 
  • Mirrors £630
  • Advisory disabled bay £275
  • Brown tourism signs - applicants will pay the full cost, typically between £440 and £2,000 (please ensure you read the tourism signs policy before applying for this)
  • Traffic data – historic data on record (email £170
  • Automatic traffic counter data and report £718
  • Provision of speed readings using speed gun £120