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Shropshire landscape assessment

Landscape character can be defined as "A distinct, recognisable and consistent pattern of elements in the landscape that makes one landscape different from another, rather than better or worse." (The Countryside Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage, 2006, Landscape Character Assessment: Guidance for England and Scotland).

Our landscape character assessment includes information about the six components that define landscape character. Geology, landform and soils tell us about the physical character, whilst settlement pattern, tree cover and land use inform us about the cultural dimensions of landscape.

These elements can be used to examine the landscape at different scales, from the national (or even international) down to the local level. They have allowed us to identify 27 different landscape types in the county, each of which is defined by a different combination of components that determine landscape character.

The assessment allows policy makers and landscape practitioners to ascertain the factors that give a locality its identity. This enables us to determine what conditions should be set for new development. Its unique strength is that it's both a strategic and objective tool, with wide-ranging, nationally accepted applications in planning and land management.

You can download a download a copy, together with a summary pamphlet, and an interactive version of the accompanying map.

Additional information concerning landscape character assessment, including how your community can undertake an assessment of your parish to help you prepare a village design statement, can be found by following the other related links on this page.

If you wish to consult the detailed evidence base behind the landscape character assessment please contact us.