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Support and resources for those recently bereaved

Thank you for visiting this web page. If you're visiting because you've been recently bereaved we're very sorry to hear this and send you our condolences. 

Because of the current coronavirus restrictions in place we recognise that it may not be possible for you to hold the funeral service you might otherwise have had planned for your loved one. We're sorry about this situation and understand this is likely to be adding to your feelings of sadness, loss and anxiety during a time which for many, even under normal circumstances, is difficult and emotional.

There are currently certain restrictions in place for funerals, for example on how many people are allowed to attend, particularly within service chapels. You can find current funeral service information on the Bereavement Services homepage. Because the situation is evolving it's recommended that you discuss with your chosen funeral director what restrictions may be in place at the time of your loved one’s funeral to find out what can be arranged in advance. Alternatively, you may find it useful to contact the staff at Emstrey Crematorium (operated on behalf of the council by The Crematoria and Memorial Group – Dignity) on 01743 237900.

Recognising how difficult and challenging current circumstances are, below we've collated various links to a number of online resources that may help you at this difficult time. There is advice on where to turn in the event of a bereavement, and some of the information is about alternatives you can consider if you're unable to attend a funeral service in person.

Advice for when you can’t attend a funeral

If you can’t attend a funeral service at Emstrey Crematorium it's possible to have the funeral livestreamed via internet so that you can view the service taking place remotely. By arrangement with the funeral director it may be possible for the hearse to pass by you/your property on route to the funeral service. 

There are further suggestions in the following links:

Organisations offering bereavement support

Further support is attached to this page. Please note that Shropshire Council isn't responsible for the accuracy of the content of the websites linked to above.