Shropshire Council

Asset management

Why have an asset management strategy?

Second only to the workforce, property is our most valuable asset in respect of financial value, as well as being essential for effective service delivery. A clear asset management strategy is essential to enable property decisions to be made in the best interests of those we serve – the people and communities of Shropshire.

The two primary objectives for effective asset management are fundamental in enabling the council to innovate and thrive, and these are:

  • To provide suitable accommodation for council services so that they can excel in their corporate plan objectives
  • To generate income and savings through effective property management and investment

These property decisions need to be transparent, and subject to robust challenge. They need to be consistent and reflect the flexibility that individual services require. They need to be effective at both operational and strategic level. The asset management strategy provides a framework that sets out how and why these property decisions will be made, and how we lead and co-ordinate a process that involves service areas, portfolio holders, members, local businesses and the community.

All of this is in context of statutory compliance, best practice, sustainability and innovation.