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Shropshire Council employees

What can Upskill Shropshire for me?

Following a period of low training budgets, we want to make the most of the opportunity represented by the Apprenticeship Levy to support staff in gaining valuable training and qualifications relevant to their jobs. This also opens up opportunities for career progression, and can give staff the skills necessary to step up to the next level, or just looking to develop in their current role.

What is an apprenticeship?

Despite many preconceptions apprenticeships are not just for school leavers and young people. Apprenticeships are currently undergoing a reform, and are a high quality, work-based way of training, enabling staff to demonstrate competence relevant to their role, whilst still working and earning.

Hundreds of subjects are available, covering almost any job you could imagine, offering qualifications up to masters degree level.

How will it work?

In the first instance, you and your manager will discuss training needs and aspirations in a one to one meeting, or during your next appraisal.

The apprenticeships are listed on the ‘Leap into Learning’ online learning platform, which is available via the intranet. You can browse the available options and identify any appropriate and relevant to your job and development, then click on the relevant link to take you into the details of the apprenticeship. Each training opportunity will have its own eligibility criteria, which will have to be demonstrated before you can proceed.

You'll then be required to complete the application form with all of the relevant details. Your line manager will need to complete a business case, which will then be considered by the Directorate Management Team (for applicants from schools there is a schools levy funding approval committee) to ensure there's a consistent approach across the council.

Can everyone access this training?

In order to be considered, you'll have to work at least 16 hours per week. This is because of the time commitment required to complete the necessary training. If you have more than one job in a similar area, and they add up to 16 hours or more, then you can be considered.

There's no upper age limit to accessing training through this funding, and just because you've been doing the same job for 20 years it doesn't mean that you can't benefit from the opportunities. Staff newly appointed to team leader or management positions may benefit from training in leadership and management to give them the skills required to become a more effective manager.

Take a look at the Upskill Shropshire FAQs on Leap into Learning for more information.