Shropshire Council

Community Wellbeing Outreach team

The Community Wellbeing Outreach Team supports the Health and Wellbeing Board in improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Shropshire, and in reducing inequalities that are a cause of ill health. 

The main aims of the Community Wellbeing Outreach Team are to: 

  • Engage and support community-led action to address health and wellbeing issues 
  • Support communities in being healthier and happier 
  • Identify gaps in service 
  • Provide outreach support to local communities in Shropshire 
  • Build a better future for Shropshire Residents 
  • Work with key stakeholders to ensure that access to local services are planned and delivered in a way which best meet the needs of the local community  
  • Support the council in meeting its statutory responsibilities to offer welfare support during emergency and critical incidents. 

The team is comprised of individuals with strong local knowledge around health and wellbeing. They are committed to tackling inequalities and putting people at the heart of social change for health and wellbeing.  

What the team does 

The Community Wellbeing Outreach Team have been co-ordinating, with the help of the NHS, the delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations around the county using Shropshire Councils mobile vaccine clinic. The mobile vaccine bus has vaccinated over 2000 people in Shropshire to date and has given many residents the opportunity to receive their vaccine who wouldn’t have otherwise by addressing barriers to vaccination in our Rural County. 

Alongside this the team have been conducting the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) survey. The JSNA uses data to identify health and wellbeing needs within the Shropshire population and this information influences decision making when planning and commissioning services. This helps ensure the most important areas for improving health and wellbeing are prioritized. 

The team also offer mini health checks throughout the community. These health checks give Shropshire residents a better understanding of their health as well as an opportunity to discuss any concerns they have regarding their health and wellbeing. The Outreach team are able to inform residents what help and support is available, empowering residents to take the next step in improving their own health and wellbeing. 

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