Shropshire Council

Common land and village greens

Common land is land over which another person is entitled to exercise rights of common, or land which was historically considered to be waste of the manor not subject to rights of common. Such land is normally in private ownership. Rights of common are legal rights exercisable only by certain individuals (the 'commoners') who live in certain properties or in a certain area.

Village greens are usually areas of land within defined settlements or geographical areas which are used for sports and pastimes. Unlike common land, there's no general right of public access over village greens, which are instead reserved for use by the inhabitants of the neighbourhood or locality. A village green may be privately owned, although in practice many greens are owned by the local parish council. Some greens may also have rights of common over them.

As the commons registration authority, we're responsible for holding and maintaining the Register of Common Land and Village Greens. This is a statutory document that provides a record of all the registered pieces of common land and village greens across the county.

For further information on common land and village greens please call 01743 257713.