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Adult social care complaints

Adult Social Care complaints cover all aspects of service delivery relating to adult social care, and are covered by a statutory complaints procedure.

How will a complaint be handled?

Once we've received your complaint, we'll contact you to confirm and ask for your agreement on the following items:

  • The details of your complaint - we'll make sure that we've included everything, and if there's anything missing you can let us know
  • What you would like to see happen as a result
  • Who you wish to be the main respondent
  • Access any relevant records to investigate your complaint and, if necessary, to share that information with relevant bodies in order to reach a resolution
  • A timeline to respond to your complaint

During the investigation of your complaint, we'll endeavour to keep you updated on how the investigation is proceeding. If there's likely to be any delay in responding to you, we'll contact you and explain why.

What do I do if I'm not happy with the response to my complaint?

If you're not happy with the response to your complaint, you can contact the statutory complaints officer:

If you feel there are outstanding questions, or elements of your complaint that have not been responded to, the Statutory Complaints Officer can request a further different manager with knowledge of the area being complained about, review the response to you, and ensure that all points have been addressed and that the responses given are full, fair and reasonable.

Local Government Ombudsman

If you want to take your complaint further you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman. We're legally bound to comply with the procedure.

If you need to make a complaint under this procedure please refer to the links on this page.

Find out more from our FAQs about complaints relating to adult social care services.

How to make a complaint

The Adult Social Care complaints procedure can be used for anyone who wants to make a complaint about the actions, decisions or apparent failings of our Adult Social Care Services, and to allow any other appropriate person to act on their behalf. To make a complaint click on the following button...

Make a complaint »

If you don't want to contact us online, you can:

  • Email:
  • Write to: Feedback and Insight Team, Shropshire Council, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY2 6ND
  • Telephone customer services: 0345 678 9000