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This site stores certain information as 'cookies' on your device in order to improve your website experience with Shropshire Council,

We also share information about your use of the site with analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you've provided to them or that they've collected from your use of their services.

Examples of things we use cookies for are:

  • remember settings and information, so you don't have to keep re-entering them
  • measure how you use the site so we can make sure it meets your needs
  • optimise performance so the website is faster and more reliable

When you visit our website we also record your computer's internet protocol (IP) address to help us diagnose any problems with our computer network. Any information logged isn't given to any third party companies, and is kept solely for the reasons stated above. It's not linked to personally identifiable information so all visitors to our site remain anonymous.

Below is the list of essential cookies which we require you to accept to allow the website to work correctly, and following those are the optional ones to help out with our website analytics. You can opt out of the optional cookies by toggling the button next to each heading to 'Off'.

Essential cookies

These cookies are deemed essential to the proper functioning of this website and by continuing to use this site you accept that they may be stored on your computer to help us deliver services. No personal information is contained in these cookies and they are used for the sole purpose of enabling processes used to provide content functions on this site.

We use geolocation to provide you with details of services close to you, such as your nearest car park, library or recycling centre. No personal information is stored and the cookie expires when you close your browser window.

Name Description Expires
SC_COOKIE_CHECK Used to store your consent choice for non-essential cookies One year
HAPSRV Used to help optimise performance of our site. When you close your browser
dissmissnewsflash Allows you to hide a site-wide newflash once you have read it. When you close your browser
dissmissservicenewsflash Allows you to hide a service-specific newflash once you have read it. When you close your browser
voted_(number) We use this to prevent people from voting on a quick survey more than once One year
scGeoLocv2 Stores basic address information of your provided location, including a 'friendly name'. When you close your browser
scGeoPosv2 Stores the latitude and longitude coordinates of your provided location. When you close your browser

Non-essential cookies

We also use third party services to gather information on how our website is used, which helps us improve our pages and overall website design. These services have their own cookies, but as they aren't essential to how our website works you can choose if you want to accept them or not.

We have detailed each of these under the following headings. You can click on either the "Accept all" or the "Reject all" button to set them all in one go, or you may choose to turn specific services on or off using the button next to each heading.

Your choices will be saved automatically, and will be applied when you move onto a different page on our website.

You can opt out anytime by revisiting this page to update your settings.



Google Analytics tracking uses cookies in order to provide meaningful reports about site visitors. However, Google Analytics cookies don't collect personal data about visitors. The following cookies are set by Google Analytics (taken from Google).

Name Description Expires
__utma Used to determine unique visitors Two years
__utmb Used to establish and continue a user session 30 minutes
__utmc This cookie is no longer used by the ga.js tracking code to determine session status Not set
_utmz Used to store the type of referral used to reach the site Six months

Site Improve

SiteImprove is a third party system which helps us to improve our web services to you, providing information on various website monitoring metrics such as Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), content quality, accessibility and website response times.

Siteimprove uses the following cookies:

Name Expires Purpose Company
__d_hsutk 30 minutes Functionality Siteimprove
__hssc 30 minutes Functionality Siteimprove
__hssrc Session Functionality Siteimprove
__hstc 2 years Analytics Siteimprove
AWSELB Session Analytics Siteimprove
DFTT_END_USER_PREV_BOOTSTRAPPED 2 years Analytics Siteimprove
nmstat 2 years Analytics Siteimprove
nmstat Session Analytics Siteimprove
siteimproveses Session Analytics Siteimprove
siutm 3 months Analytics Siteimprove
sz-feedback-should-hide Session Analytics Siteimprove
UaaSSecurity Session Analytics Siteimprove
WAWebSiteSID Session Functionality Siteimprove
WAWebSiteSID Session Functionality Siteimprove