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Sight loss

If you would like to make a referral for a sight impairment assessment, please complete the form below.

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If you have been issued with a certificate of visual impairment (CVI), you can register with us to receive access to certain services and benefits. Registration is optional and you will still be entitled to support whether you are registered or not. Find out what the benefits of registering could mean for you.

Specialist equipment for low vision

Our specialist staff can demonstrate and offer advice about specialist equipment to assist with daily living, including: 

  • Electronic and desktop magnifiers 
  • Reading machines
  • Making adjustments to your computer, tablet and mobile phone to make it more accessible, including Apps
  • Lighting
  • TV Glasses
  • UV Shields
  • Kitchen equipment, including talking jugs and scales, liquid level indicators 


Our Rehabilitation Officer can offer advice, support and skills training relating to your sight loss to enable you to live as independent a life as possible, including:  

  • Tips, techniques and training in all aspects of daily living 
  • Mobility in and outside of the home 
  • Training and therapy to help with reading
  • ‘Daily Living, such as preparing meals’

Contact Details

Telephone: 01743 250529