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Social prescribing in Shropshire

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing started in Shropshire in 2017, and is part of the NHS Long Term Plan. The NHS has committed that at least 900,000 people will benefit from social prescribing by 2024. Find out more about personalised care.

Social prescribing is a non-medical programme designed to help people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs. This may include those who may be;

  • Caring for someone who cannot manage without this help
  • Living with a long-term health condition
  • Wanting to change their lifestyle eg giving up smoking or losing weight
  • Feeling worried or anxious
  • Feeling lonely or socially isolated

How does it work?

Social prescribing uses a person centred, preventative approach by intervening early, before problems start to escalate. In Shropshire, people referred have the space to talk one to one with a trained Social Prescribing Advisor and come up with a plan of action together, to help resolve health and wellbeing concerns and help put the person back in charge of their life.

Connecting people back to a service or activity in their community is key to social prescribing, and this comes through referring people to local voluntary and community based groups or activities.

Find out the how our social prescribing programme in Shropshire is making a difference to local communities across the county.

Facts and figures

  • 1,839 people were referred to social prescribing between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022
  • 1,254 of these people took up the offer and were supported by a social prescribing advisor
  • People aged 10 years to 90 plus have been supported by social prescribing since April 2021

Feedback from Social Prescribing clients in 2022

About their Social Prescribing Advisors

  • “Genuinely helpful and kind, pointed me towards help I had no idea was out there.”
  • “(Advisor name) has been so helpful to me and I can’t thank her enough.”
  • “Easy to talk to, she’s supportive and informative.”
  • “(Advisor name) is very easy to talk to, he makes you feel at ease from the moment you answer the phone, I’ve found him very helpful.”
  • “I felt listened to and heard. I felt valued and respected. I never felt pressured or constrained by time. I can't thank (advisor name) enough for the support, guidance, understanding, reassurance and encouragement she has given me.”
  • “(Advisor name) was absolutely superb. I would not have got anywhere without her expert help.”

About the service

“It’s been a lot more useful than I had first imagined and it’s helped so much to not have to explain myself to someone new all the time.”

“I found the consultations very helpful in motivating me to make changes in my diet and lifestyle. Initially I was not able to move forward but eventually this changed.”

“Social prescribing rather than just offering drugs, sounds like a great long term solution to better mental health for the community.” 

“I would just like to say thank you for referring me, and thank you for the service delivered. Frankly, it has been invaluable in supporting me with not only coming to terms with my health, but also surviving lockdown.”

“I have been feeling better about going out and joining in other classes, since I have been supported by the Social prescribing support. Covid and Lock down had caused me to not want to go out a lot. But since joining art, this has helped a great deal and having a friend to go with is even better.”

Where is it offered?

Social prescribing is available through every GP practice in Shropshire, please ask at your practice.

Can I self-refer?

People can access the service through referral from their GP, secondary school and certain practitioners in health and social care, the voluntary sector and other partners. You can also self-refer to Social Prescribing by calling 0345 678 9028 Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) and selecting the self-referral to Social Prescribing option. Or you can e-mail with the subject 'Social Prescribing self-referral. 

Social prescribing directories

Social Prescribing Directories have been developed in partnership between Shropshire Council and QUBE, as part of the Shropshire Social Prescribing model. The aim is to help GP Practices and other organisations find information about community activity and groups in their locality.

The local directories can be found here.

Watch some clips here to find out more

Find out how social prescribing is making a positive difference to people’s lives in Shropshire.

We asked our staff and partners what they think about being part of this exciting movement which supports individuals, families and communities to take more control over their health and reduce their risk of chronic disease. View what they had to say here.

Our Social Prescribing Lead, Jo Robins took part in a 20 minute interview, where social prescribing in Shropshire was discussed.

National information

Children and Young People’s Social Prescribing

Children and Young People’s Social Prescribing is offered across Shropshire for those aged 11 (in school year 7) and above. We would usually meet you in the school you attend or maybe in a community venue.

It is a non-medical approach to helping you feel better and find out what matters to you. If you would like to feel happier, make friends where you live, try something new or get fitter one of our team can help you.