Shropshire Council

NHS Health Check

The NHS Health Check programme has been developed to prevent heart disease, diabetes, stroke and kidney disease. If you're aged 40-74 years and haven't already been diagnosed with one of these conditions, you'll be invited once every five years to have a Health Check to assess your risk of developing one of these diseases.

You'll be given advice to help reduce or manage your risk of disease. The checks include height and weight measurement, body mass index (BMI), smoking status, alcohol screening, physical activity levels, family history of heart disease, blood pressure measurement, cholesterol measurement and a diabetes test as appropriate. In Shropshire you'll be invited to have a Health Check by your GP.

We all know that we shouldn't be overweight, should not smoke, should do more exercise, should drink less - but what the NHS Health Check offers you is a chance, once every five years, to have a personal assessment of how your lifestyle choices are impacting on your health, particularly your Cardiovascular Health.

More information can be found at  the national NHS Health Check website. 

You can also access the Professional Resources too.