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Transport was responsible for 716 ktCO2 of greenhouse gas emissions in 2021, Shropshire’s highest source of greenhouse gas emissions, so decarbonising this sector is crucial. Please see our climate dashboard for further stats and trends. See below for a comprehensive list of partners we work with to help reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector in Shropshire:

Connected Kerb (EV charge points)

Shropshire Council is putting in new charging points after a successful in a bid to government for funding – with more than £900,000 awarded for the work. We're working in partnership with the charge point operator, Connected Kerb, to bring the number of charging points up to 320, across 45 locations throughout Shropshire. Ian Nellins, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for climate change, environment and transport, said: "For electric vehicles, charging at home usually occurs off-street in garages and driveways, a convenient and efficient option. However, in many parts of Shropshire off-street parking is unavailable to residents. By installing charge points on-street or in public car parks, residents without off-street parking can enjoy the convenience and value of charging their electric vehicles." Please see the Connected Kerb website for further information, where you can download their app, see Frequently Asked Questions and view their user video guide.

Centre for sustainable transport

Advice and support at the intersection of some of the key strands in sustainable transport, vehicle emissions, “mobility as a service” and demand reduction. Centre for Sustainable Transport Ltd (C4ST) consists of three experienced transport professionals who have often worked together on projects — in consultancy and advisory roles — with a range of transport and mobility projects.

DfT (Department for Transport) 

How the government intends to work with others to develop a transport decarbonisation plan. The challenge we need to meet to reduce transport emissions and ensure that we reach net zero transport emissions by 2050. Reviews of existing forecasts of future transport emissions from each mode of transport, and as a whole.

Shropshire Cycle Hub

A community charity helping to improve access to sustainable transport.

Sustainable Transport Shropshire

An active group that lobbies for public transport, cycling provision and e-bikes.


“Our society faces some profound challenges: climate change, air pollution, physical and mental health crises, the pressures on communities are growing. There is no silver bullet but the work of Sustrans and our partners provides an essential contribution to tackling the challenges of our time.”

Active travel

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