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Transport was responsible for 730 ktCO2 of greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, and as such was Shropshire’s highest source of greenhouse gas emissions, so decarbonising the transport sector is crucial. Please see our climate dashboard for further stats and trends.

Zero-carbon transport (ZCT)

Active travel briefing for local authorities

This briefing is for transport planners and public health practitioners and sets out the benefits of active travel.

Centre for Sustainable Transport

Advice and support at the intersection of some of the key strands in sustainable transport, vehicle emissions, “mobility as a service” and demand reduction. Centre for Sustainable Transport Ltd (C4ST) consists of three experienced transport professionals who have often worked together on projects — in consultancy and advisory roles — with a range of transport and mobility projects.

DfT (Department for Transport) Decarbonising Transport: Setting the Challenge

How the government intends to work with others to develop a transport decarbonisation plan. The challenge we need to meet to reduce transport emissions and ensure that we reach net zero transport emissions by 2050. Reviews of existing climate policy in transport. Reviews of existing forecasts of future transport emissions from each mode of transport, and as a whole.

Shropshire Cycle Hub

A community charity helping to improve access to sustainable transport.

Shropshire Sustainable Transport Package - briefing note

The Shropshire Sustainable Transport Package is a £5M grant-funded project that will run over the next three years. The funding will be made available on delivery of a specific package of measures designed to encourage more sustainable travel behaviour, whilst supporting the local economy and cutting carbon emissions.

Sustainable Transport Shropshire

An active group that lobbies for improved public transport, better cycling provision and e-bikes.


“Our society faces some profound challenges: climate change, air pollution, physical and mental health crises, the pressures on communities are growing. There is no silver bullet but the work of Sustrans and our partners provides an essential contribution to tackling the challenges of our time.”

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