Shropshire Council

What's a place plan?

We're working to make Shropshire a great place to live, learn, work, and visit – we want to innovate to thrive. Place plans can help us to achieve this, as they help us to understand what our towns and communities need in order to make them better places for everyone.

There are 18 place plan areas in Shropshire, usually (although not always) focused on a market town and its surrounding rural communities. Each plan looks at infrastructure needs within that specific place plan area. Infrastructure includes utilities such as electricity, gas, and water, as well as other provision such as roads, schools, open spaces, flood defences, broadband, health facilities, leisure facilities, and more.

The information which we use to develop the plans is taken from many different places – from local conversations right through to updates from national utility companies.

Along with other documents, the place plans are an important part of Shropshire Council’s Local Development Framework (LDF) programme, which looks at planning and infrastructure needs across the county as a whole.

Aims and objectives


To enable us and our partners, working closely with local elected members and town and parish councils, to deliver the infrastructure needs of our communities.


  • To develop a clear picture and understanding of the place plan area
  • To identify and prioritise infrastructure needs within the place plan area
  • To identify lead partners, supporting partners, and funding opportunities (where possible) to deliver those infrastructure needs
  • To feed in to the Strategic Infrastructure Implementation Plan for the county as a whole
  • To feed in to our corporate and service plans

How often are place plans reviewed?

Place plans are reviewed regularly, and are therefore ‘live’ documents informed by conversations with town and parish councils, and with infrastructure and service providers.