Shropshire Council


The NWRR will provide a new, single carriageway road linking the northern and western parts of Shrewsbury. It will include a new bridge over the River Severn and its flood plain, and a new bridge over the Shrewsbury-Chester railway line. The NWRR would connect to existing roads with new roundabouts. The end points of the NWRR have been determined by the existing Battlefield Link Road in the north, and the planned Oxon Link Road in the west. These roads were designed as precursors of a NWRR, and each provides access to important employment and development areas. The Oxon Link Road is included in the Marches LEP’s £75 million Growth Deal and will be delivered by 2021 as part of the proposed western Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE).

Work on the NWRR is programmed to commence in 2021 and will be completed in 2023.

The cost of the NWRR

The cost of constructing the NWRR is estimated to be £71,399,500.

In March 2019, following the submission of the outline business case, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced that they are to invest £54,406,419 in the construction of the road.

Shropshire Council will provide the balance of the cost, estimated at £16,993,081, and accepts responsibility for any cost increases.

Flythrough video of the relief road