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The Shrewsbury North West Relief Road (NWRR) will provide a new, single carriageway road linking the northern and western parts of Shrewsbury. It will include a new bridge over the River Severn and its flood plain, and a new bridge over the Shrewsbury-Chester railway line. The NWRR will connect the A5 at Welshpool Road roundabout in the west to the Ellesmere Road roundabout in the north.

The cost of constructing the NWRR is estimated to be £87.1m. In March 2019 the Department for Transport awarded £54m towards the construction of the road and Shropshire Council will provide the balance of the cost, and responsibility for any cost increases.

In August 2019 Shropshire Council withdrew its planning application for the Oxon Link Road in Shrewsbury, and will now include the proposed road within the planning application for the NWRR. By combining the schemes, the Oxon Link Road can more easily contribute to the strategic objective of the NWRR, whilst also better delivering on the link road’s specific goal of facilitating the Shrewsbury West Urban Extension (SUE).

A public consultation was held in early 2020 to give stakeholders and residents an opportunity to comment on the combined scheme in advance of the planning application, which was submitted on 19 February 2021. This consultation is now closed but details can still be found on our consultation portal.

Originally, a NWRR planning application was due to be submitted in July 2020, but this was put on hold while we considered the implications of the funding announcement for the Severn Valley Water Management Scheme (SVWMS). This process has now been completed and the following concluded. The planning application is for a road scheme only and includes a viaduct across the River Severn and its flood plain at Shelton, instead of an extended embankment design that was proposed in the public consultation in 2020.

Estimated cost of the proposed North West Relief Road

With the revised application, the current estimated cost of building the proposed road has been reduced from £87.1m to £80.1, saving £7 million.

Estimated costs showing budget drop from £87.1 million to £80.1 million

Taking your views on board

A revised planning application has recently (26 August 2021) been submitted to our planning department following the initial planning application in February 2021.

This revised planning application includes a number of changes, made in response to the feedback we’ve had, plus detailed surveying of the proposed site over the last few months allowing for lower carbon construction methods, less construction traffic and more reusing of earth to build embankments.

So, what are these changes and what do they mean?

  • Simplification of the scheme’s River Severn viaduct will mean that the carbon impact from construction will be cut by 31% (equivalent to 22,200 tonnes of carbon).
  • Current estimated cost of building the proposed road reduced by £7 million.
  • A reduction of the construction area means more trees (more mature trees to be kept and more trees to be planted).
  • 7 km of new cycleways, bridleways and footpaths added to the North of Shrewsbury.
  • Free up road space in Shrewsbury to encourage more walking and cycling in the town.
  • Reduce journey times in and around Shrewsbury, cut traffic through village “rat runs” north of Shrewsbury and provide a significant boost to business across Shropshire.

This revised planning application is now open for comments and engagement with landowners and stakeholders will continue.

Clearly, the planning process presents a key opportunity for the whole community to engage in the decision-making process.

The application reference for the road is 21/00924/EIA, with the application and supporting documents added to the planning online register on Monday 1 March 2021. The revised planning application has been submitted and will be uploaded shortly. Residents and businesses will be able to give their views on the scheme through the comments section on the application.

Infographic showing the improvements

Carbon Management Plan

An independent expert review of Shropshire Council’s carbon management for the proposed Shrewsbury North West Relief Road has verified the Council’s calculations on the impact of the project.

Academics at Birmingham University were commissioned to carry out a peer review of the NWRR Carbon Management Report. Shropshire Council’s carbon management report is now available, along with the review of the report.