Shropshire Council

Complaint information for third-party providers

We're responsible for ensuring that complaints relating to services we've commissioned (or where we've played a part in arranging care) are investigated appropriately.

Those using local authority commissioned services may decide to:

  1. Approach the council (as commissioning body) to consider a complaint; or
  2. Request that the complaint is considered by the service provider

Whichever choice they make, it is important that a close working relationship is developed between service provider and commissioner. On receipt of a complaint about a service we commission you should inform our complaints officers within two working days. They will support you to ensure the complaint is assessed and managed appropriately. 

Please note that complaints usually relate to concerns about the quality of care provided that have not been addressed following discussions with the care provider. Care providers should be given the opportunity to address issues/provide a remedy in advance of commencing a complaint investigation. In some circumstances you may want to liaise with a complainant to clarify if the issue they have raised is a request for a service or a formal complaint. You can find more information on the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman’s website.

In addition to working with the council to manage complaints about the services we commission, it's suggested that you include details of complaints (and compliments) within your performance reporting and annual reports.

To assess whether service providers we commission are reporting their complaints to us and handling complaints appropriately, we contact services at random and ask for information. The checks are led by our Feedback and Insight Team (complaints officers). Information requested may include:

  • A copy of your complaint procedure
  • Copies of any complaint documentation (eg complaints leaflet)
  • Details of numbers of complaints received about commissioned services within a set timeframe (this many include any complaints performance reporting)
  • Information about a specific case or copies of responses if we haven't been informed on receipt

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact details are: