Shropshire Council

Leaving hospital

Our priority in Shropshire is to ensure people can remain independent and safe and remain in their own homes for as long as possible, especially when returning home from hospital.

We offer advice and support to help you regain your confidence when you return home. Integrated Community Services (ICS) may carry out an assessment to see if their support would be of benefit to you.

Whether you're returning home from hospital with support having been organised, or wish to look at what's available, you'll find some useful information on this page to help aid your recovery.

If you're due to go into hospital and in receipt of services, you'll need to let the agencies which support you know in plenty of time so that they suspend their support until you're home again. You'll also need to let us and the Department for Works and Pensions know if you're likely to be in hospital for more than four weeks. More information about how your benefits may be affected while in hospital can be found in our Money Matters section.