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Let us know what you think about this and our other websites (if you've not seen any of our other sites, we've listed a few below, why not take a quick look), or sign up to become a tester.

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We're always looking for feedback on how our website can better meet the needs of users and we'd like your help.

Things move quickly in IT and we're well aware that people are more and more likely to use the internet to interact with organisations like ourselves. We also know that with social media, people are expecting responses to queries much faster than ever before.

Our website is more than just a collection of information - it enables people to report problems such as potholes or missed bin collections, to apply for planning permission, to pay council tax and much, much more.

This is why Project WIP was set up - to lift the lid on how we build or provide these services for you, to give you a way to improve our site, and to continually check that the services and information we provide meet what Shropshire's residents and businesses want and expect.

Some of our other sites: