Shropshire Council

Measuring social value

We understand that it can be quite hard to measure and demonstrate social value. The Shropshire Social Value Group has agreed to adopt a set of measures for social value which are highlighted in our Social Value Framework. This should ensure a consistent approach across Shropshire. These measures are based on the National Framework for Social Value.


Commissioners can use any of these measures to demonstrate social value gained through contracting arrangements. Commissioners will usually set out their requirements for social value in a service specification, and will wish to capture the social value being generated by a supplier through their contract monitoring arrangements. Find out more from our additional guidance for commissioners.


Additionally, even if an organisation isn't contracted by us they can, if they wish and if relevant, use these measures to demonstrate their social value to their customers, suppliers or funders. Find out more from our additional guidance for organisations.


It's important for us to be able to provide evidence in support of the social value which is being reported. Take a look at our outcomes evidence guidance for more information.


We've also developed some workbooks for organisations to use either to:

  1. Demonstrate the range and amount of social value they generate, or
  2. Demonstrate the financial value to society as a result of the social value they generate