Shropshire Council


In March 2019 key people and organisations from across Shropshire and the West Midlands welcomed the Department for Transport’s award of £54.4m towards the construction of the Shrewsbury North West Relief Road.

The proposed scheme has received acknowledgement and support by the local MP, Midlands Connect and the Marches LEP. Other business and stakeholder endorsements have been made through the planning portal.

Daniel Kawczynski MP

“The construction of the North West Relief Road in Shrewsbury has been a long standing campaign for me ever since became a member of parliament. I therefore made securing the funding for it one of my key election pledges and have spent considerable time at Westminster campaigning on this issue, speaking in informal parliamentary debates, submitting parliamentary questions and having meetings with ministers and officials. I am delighted that funding has been granted by the government.

“Not only will the road unlock large amounts of economic growth for the county, bringing with it jobs, but it will also improve congestion both in small villages and the town centre. Many people in rural villages are understandably unhappy that their village roads are being used as rat runs because of a lack of a relief road.

“The new road, once built, will significantly reduce journey times by around two thirds. It will also lead to a reduction in air pollution as cars don’t need to sit in traffic jams and will be less inclined to use the town centre route. Carbon dioxide emissions will also be reduced.

“We are all very proud of Shrewsbury and how the town is developing but clearly this has to be in a sustainable way. This new road will not only help Shrewsbury to cope with its growth, but provide a sustainable footing for the future.”

Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

Graham Wynn, chairman of the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership, said:

“This scheme is a crucial part of strategic plans for the region’s economic development being drawn up by the LEP and its partners.

“Improved infrastructure and communications are vital if we are to realise our ambitions to grow the region’s economy to £23.8billion by 2038 and create 58,700 new jobs. This scheme, for which we secured the funding to develop the master plan, will help us create a transport network which is fit for purpose for years to come and which drives that growth.”

West Midlands Combined Authority

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, said:

“I’m delighted that the government is investing heavily in Shropshire’s transport links. Combined with the improvements to the train services we will see in May, these investments will continue to drive the economic performance of Shrewsbury, Shropshire and the wider West Midlands.

“Today’s confirmation of the North West Relief Road is great news for the Shropshire economy. It will enable essential development to occur and reduce transport barriers, it will open up new locations for housing development for families and at the same time enable essential commercial space to be developed. The impact is beyond a road as this will encourage inward investment into the county. The aim now must be to encourage and secure new employers into the county, bringing higher skilled jobs and opportunities so the full potential is realised.”

Midlands Connect

Maria Machancoses, director of Midlands Connect, said:

“Shropshire has earned this timely announcement. In total it’s been almost half a century to get the North West Relief Road from local idea to central government investment. Today’s commitment will help future-proof the local road network for the next half century.

“Midlands Connect congratulates the leadership of Shropshire Council, the Marches LEP and local representatives in parliament for their tireless work in bringing these plans to fruition. I look forward to continuing working with them over the coming months and years to make our region’s roads and railways fit for the 21st Century and beyond.

“Today’s announcement is a vote of confidence in the economic potential of Shrewsbury, Shropshire and our region. I’m sure it is the first of many major investments we’ll welcome and celebrate as the Midlands speaks with one voice to earn the backing our potential deserves.”

Shrewsbury BID

Seb Slater, executive director of Shrewsbury BID, said:

“There are ambitious plans for improving Shrewsbury, as outlined in the Big Town Plan, and one of the priorities is to make movement in and around the town centre better for everyone.

“This includes better pedestrian and cycle routes, and reducing through traffic in the town centre.

“The North West Relief Road will be a big step towards that vision, as it will allow greater traffic flow around Shrewsbury and lessen the need for people to drive through the centre.

“That would then unlock the exciting opportunity of making the riverside and west end of Shrewsbury much more enticing to visitors.

“There will also be a wider benefit of encouraging more inward investment into Shrewsbury as a whole, creating jobs and growing the economy, which will of course have a positive impact on our town centre members.”

University Centre Shrewsbury

Anna Sutton, provost, University Centre Shrewsbury, said:

“University Centre Shrewsbury welcomes today’s announcement and we offer our congratulations to all those who have worked so hard to bring this about. Not only will the North West Relief Road (NWRR) provide much needed relief from traffic and pollution within our historic town, it will also facilitate business and housing growth.  We are particularly pleased with the great attention the council has taken to ensure that the road is environmentally sensitive, and we look forward to working with our colleagues in Shropshire Council on this critical aspect of the NWRR.”

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

Richard Sheehan, chief executive of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, said:

“The relief road will significantly improve the travelling time between the business parks, especially for young employees in their quest for work in the town, increasing use of public transport which in turn will ultimately reduce the congestion throughout Shrewsbury centre.

“All will help to develop the infrastructure in the town, making it a more attractive offer for inward investment, providing economic growth and bolstering the already thriving business community of the town.”

Albrighton Estate and Farms

Joyce Jagger, said: "On behalf of Albrighton Estate and Farms, I welcome the news of funding for the relief road. The increase in traffic has made it a necessity.”