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Children and young people's complaints

We provide a range of services for children and young people and their families. We want to ensure everyone using these services has the opportunity to give us their views and share their experiences, whether good or bad. We use customer feedback to inform service change and improvement.

In the first instance you may find it helpful to speak to someone who can help. Speaking to someone may help you to receive the information you need to resolve any concerns you may have. You could speak to:

  • A social worker
  • A carer
  • A teacher
  • Another support worker or professional who will be able to assist

If you've spoken to someone and haven’t been able to resolve your concerns you may wish to make a formal complaint.

Who can raise a complaint?

Most complaints are made by parents or carers, but we also hope children and young people feel able to make a complaint themselves. Children and young people can either complain themselves using the contact details provided or speak to someone they trust and ask them to make a complaint on their behalf.

If you have no one to help you make your complaint or raise the things you're unhappy about, contact our children’s complaint officer ( and they'll find you an advocate. This is someone who will help you and speak up for you.

What to tell us

When you make a complaint please try to include the following information:

  • Your contact details (including telephone, email and your address)
  • If you're making a complaint on behalf of someone else please include their name
  • The nature of your complaint (including any details such as location, the time/date your concerns started etc)
  • What you'd like to happen as a result of making the complaint (the outcome you wish to achieve).
  • If you've already spoken to a member of our staff or have a complaint about a member of staff please include their name if you know it.

What process do we follow?

Complaints relating to care or support provided by our Children’s Services are handled in line with our Children’s Statutory Complaints Procedure which is available to download under the related documents section of this page. If your complaint relates to another type of service such as an administrative process or information service your complaint may be handled under our corporate complaints procedure. Experienced officers will ensure your complaint is handled under the correct procedure and will advise you of what to expect.

You can find out more from our frequently asked questions.

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

You can make an anonymous complaint, but if we don't have your name and contact details we won't be able to reply to you. It's not usually possible to investigate anonymous complaints because essential information is missing. Find out more about anonymous complaints and how to make them on our Feedback pages.

What if I want to give a compliment?

We welcome all comments, and those can often include compliments about a service or a member of staff. You can provide a compliment in the same way as a complaint using the contact details above. We won't necessarily acknowledge compliments and positive comments (because we prioritise the handling of complaints) but please rest assured that all information is gratefully received, recorded and considered.

How to raise a complaint

You can make a complaint in a range of ways.

Make a complaint online using the MyShropshire portal

Go to the portal »
  • By email:
  • By post: Feedback and Insight Team, Shropshire Council, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY2 6ND
  • By phone: You can make a new complaint by phoning our customer service centre on 0345 678 9000 or by speaking directly to our statutory complaints officer on 01743 256188.