Shropshire Council


Our financial support policy is attached to this page. The purpose of this policy is to provide information to practitioners, special guardians and prospective special guardians about the financial support available to support families and individuals offering a permanent home to a child through special guardianship.


Man and childSpecial guardians should claim all benefits to which they're entitled. Child benefit and child tax credit (now known as the child element of universal credit) must be claimed immediately post-order (and be requested to be backdated to the date of the order). Once granted, these child benefits will be deducted from the SGO allowance to avoid duplication of payment.

Note – you shouldn't claim child benefit/child tax credit or the child element of universal credit if the child is ‘looked after’ and you're in receipt of fostering payments.

For looked-after children

A financial assessment will form part of the SGO assessment process, and where a child has been previously 'looked after' we'll provide an SGO allowance at the same rate you received as a Shropshire Council foster carer. This will be subject to age-related increases in line with our current fostering rates. This payment is subject to an annual financial review where you must provide evidence of relevant income and outgoings. Holiday, festival and uniform payments are no longer made once an SGO is granted. After two years the skills element ceases, but the allowance element will remain in place if there's been no significant change in your financial circumstances, eg a significant increase in income. Where a significant change is identified this will be subjected to further assessment to determine any changes required to the allowance. The allowance will be paid subject to the terms and conditions of the SGO finance policy, and therefore subject to change if the policy is updated in the future.

For children not previously looked after (private applications)

An SGO doesn't guarantee financial support. If SGO financial support is requested an assessment of need will be required to determine whether this will be provided. Any financial support will be means tested.

If awarded, the allowance will be paid for a maximum of 12 months from the date of the order. Where a family requires further financial support, they're entitled to request an updated SGO assessment of need.