Shropshire Council

Gas and carbon monoxide safety

If you can smell gas call 0800 111 999 immediately.

Gas appliances which are badly installed, poorly maintained or faulty, can leak poisonous carbon monoxide. You can't see, smell or taste it, but it can kill.

All gas appliances in your property must be properly maintained and safety checked every year to obtain a gas safety certificate. It's the landlord’s responsibility to arrange for the safety check, and a copy of the certificate must be given to the tenant at the beginning of the tenancy and after each inspection. You can find more information on this from the Gas Safe Register.

If you have gas appliances in your home which haven't been checked in the last year, or for which you don't have the safety certificate, you should contact your landlord to request that they have the check carried out immediately, or that they supply you with a copy of the certificate. If they refuse to carry out the checks, or you have concerns regarding gas appliances in your home, you can find more information on what to do from the Health & Safety Executive. You can also report faulty or dangerous appliances to them.

If you have open fires, log burners or multi-fuel stoves in your home we recommend that you have the chimneys swept at least twice a year. Generally, chimney sweeping is your responsibility unless your tenancy agreement says otherwise, or you have another agreement with your landlord. Additionally, for properties with open fires or burners there are now requirements under the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations.