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Worried about money?

Are you worried about money? Get step-by-step support for your specific needs and to know who to turn to for support in Shropshire.

MoneyHelper offers free and trusted guidance on benefits, money troubles, everyday money, family and care and more.

Our better-off calculator will help you work out how much better off you would be in work. It takes into account any benefits you can claim when you start a job to give a full picture of your future income. The calculator is free to use, and the details you provide are anonymous.

Check Turn2Us to see what welfare benefits and grants might be relevant to you.

Debt and borrowing advice

If you need help to manage your money, the following organisations may be able to help you:

Help with energy bills

We share your worry and concerns over the rise in energy costs. Here are some useful links to organisations that can offer support, help and advice. If you're struggling to pay your energy bills, please contact your energy company as it may have a scheme that can help you. 

Rent or mortgage help

If you're struggling to pay your rent or mortgage here are some useful links taking you to support, help and advice services. Check with your landlord or mortgage provider to see if there is specific support available to you:

Help with water bills

If you're struggling with your water bills you may be able to get help from Severn Trent Water. The Big Difference Scheme (call 0121 355 7766 or email can help people on low incomes who are struggling to pay ongoing water charges.    

The Severn Trent Trust Fund (call 0121 355 7766 or email can help people who are struggling to pay water arrears.

Help with broadband and phone bills

If you receive benefits and universal credit, it's likely you're eligible for a broadband social tariff. These are broadband contracts at a discounted rate, find out more information via the Ofcom website.

If you aren't eligible for a social tariff, use a broadband comparison website to see if you could get a cheaper deal. Find out more here.

Financial help for people with disabilities

Financial help for older people

Cost of transport