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Build type explanations

Self-build homes

Self-build projects are:

  • When someone directly arranges the design and construction of their own home
  • Traditional 'DIY self-builds'
  • When you employ someone to build a home for you
  • Community-led projects can also be defined as 'self-build'

Custom-build homes

Custom-build homes are where:

  • You work with a developer as an individual (or group) to help deliver your own home
  • An existing plot or new-build house is tailored to match your individual requirements
  • A developer may help to find a plot, manage the construction and arrange the finance for your new home

Group and community builds

Many self-builds are carried out by groups of like-minded people. This not only helps to spread the development costs, but also means you can live alongside friends or people who share similar interests or needs as yourself.

Group and community builds require more land, but we want to make them work where we can. If you're interested in creating a group build in Shropshire please sign up to the self-build register and contact us for further information.

Further information