Shropshire Council

Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

A Statutory duty of Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBB) is to develop a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWBS) for the local population.

This plan sets out the long-term vision for Shropshire, identifies the immediate priority areas for action and describes how the board intends to address these.

Shropshire 2022-2027 Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWBS)

The new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2022-2027 was agreed at the Health and Wellbeing Board meeting held on the 3 March 2022. A summary of the priorities is shown below:

Strategic priorities 

Long term aims and how we will achieve them 

Key area of focus 

Identified areas of health and wellbeing need in Shropshire 

Joined up working 


Working with and building strong and vibrant communities 

Healthy Weight & Physical Activity 

Improving Population Health 

Children & Young People incl. Trauma Informed Approach (all age) 

Reducing Inequalities 

Mental Health 



These form part of the key priorities:

Social Prescribing  

Smoking in Pregnancy 


Air Quality 

Suicide Prevention 

Killed and Seriously Injured on Roads (KSI) 

Food Poverty 

Domestic Abuse and County Lines 

Drugs and Alcohol 




We are very grateful to the public and stakeholders who gave their time to comment on the draft version of the strategy, which formed this final version. Read more about our findings in the consultation report