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Memorial consultation

Dear Parent, 

Having worked closely in recent months with Mr Glen Perkins (chair of the Action for Ashes group) we're now pleased to be able to confirm the options available to parents for their baby’s memorial name plaque and inscription within the Book of Remembrance.

To clarify, this is an open-ended offer and without time limit, please just respond when it suits you. There's no need for parents to feel pressured or rushed to respond quickly, as we're all facing the challenges that coronavirus has brought to our daily lives.

To confirm, there is no charge to parents for the memorial name plaques, or for an inscription in the book of remembrance. 

Please refer to the photo examples of the various options attached to this page.

Size of memorial name plaque

There are two sizes being offered. The smaller size measures approximately 35cm length by 10cm height. This size can accommodate an illustrated design on the left of the plaque, the required name and then two additional lines of text of around 28 characters per line.

The larger size is approximately the same length, but is 18cm in height.  This size can again accommodate an illustrated design on the left of the plaque, the required name and then six additional lines of text of around 28 characters per line.

Please note that the number of characters is an approximation as it will depend on the number of words required, and therefore the number of blank spaces (not counted as a character) necessary between words.  Please also note that, to a degree, the font size is determined by the number of characters you require; more characters may require a smaller font size. The commissioned stonemason will work hard to achieve what you require, and we'll share a draft with you for your approval before creating the memorial plaque.

Type of stone to be used and colour of text

There are two stone types being offered, a white nabreseina limestone and a Welsh grey slate (both types shown in the photos). On the slate plaques the following colours of white or gold or pink or blue can be used for the text. On the white stone the following colours of black or gold or pink or blue can be used for the text.

Choice of image/design

During the various consultation stages with parents for the main sculpted memorial, some parents suggested the following designs: flower, baby, teddy, bunny, cherub, butterfly, balloon or kite. One design of your choosing from the above list can be added to your baby’s memorial plaque if you wish.

Please take sufficient time to consider the wording you require and your various choices, as once work is commenced on a memorial plaque or inscription it can't be easily amended.

In due course please confirm your instruction indicating your choices against the following six categories:

  1. The size of plaque you require, either small or large
  2. The type of stone you require, either slate or nabreseina
  3. The colour of text you require, white (slate only), black (nabreseina only) gold, blue or pink
  4. your chosen illustration (if any) eg teddy
  5. The name for the memorial as you wish it to appear, and
  6. Your choice of words, set out as you require them

How to let us know your choices

Please send your instruction, confirming your name, to or post your instruction to:

Memorial Consultation
Shropshire Council
Abbey Foregate
Shrewsbury SY2 6ND

What will happen next?

Once your instruction is received it will be passed on to the stonemason, who will then create a draft design that will be sent to you for your approval. Once approved, the memorial plaque will be created. When several memorials have been created these will be installed together on the inner cloister wall at Longden Road Chapel.

Book of Remembrance

Once we have your instruction this will also automatically be used, unless you notify us differently, for an entry in the Book of Remembrance (variation is possible if you require). Please confirm the date (only day/month is required) on which you wish the inscription to appear. 

Update on the sculpted memorial

The commemorative memorial is now installed. For further information take a look at the dedicated webpage.

Our thanks to parents, families and Action for Ashes who contributed during the various consultations, and to Lottie O’Leary who created the memorial. 

Kind regards,
On behalf of Bereavement Services
Shropshire Council