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SENCo network meetings

SENCo Network Meetings

An opportunity to share the latest guidance regarding the phased re-opening of settings following school ‘closures’ and to consider the Shropshire response. 

There will be a focus on transition and the potential demands of re-integrating children following ‘lockdown’ and a chance to share ideas, strategies and resources. The three regional, cross-phase, meetings will enable colleagues to network with feeder schools and consider preparation for primary/secondary transition. 

We will also share updates from the SEN team and other relevant services.   

Please book to an appropriate session for your school. 

Area Date  Time  Venue
North Shropshire 23 June 2020 9.30am - 11.00am Online Event
South Shropshire 24 June 2020 12.30am - 2.00pm Online Event
Central Shropshire 25 June 2020 3.00pm - 4.30pm Online Event

Please book to an appropriate session for your school:!eventinstancesearch/*/31/6/2020